Stacey Gardella – Team Profile


In your own words, describe your role at SkyKick.

When I first joined SkyKick in 2015 I was hired as an Agile Consultant to help figure out a flexible process for software development. Fast forward to today, I am the Director of Engineering- QA- where I oversee Quality Assurance, Agile Coaches and the release process.

Tell us the journey of what attracted you to SkyKick

Prior to SkyKick, I was the Director of Technology at a marketing company in Seattle. In 3 years, I got to design and product manage different software products, create SDLC process appropriate for different types of agency work, created the Technical Project Manager role, and oversaw a team responsible for releasing 300+ projects per year.  I got to a point where I started to feel like I had run out of problems to solve. I began to search for a new position where I could re-embrace my desire to work on software products, help create more mature processes, and improve quality. I wanted to find a software company that was about 5 years old and had seen a lot of growth. In addition to offering a position I was looking for, the unique differentiator with SkyKick was the exciting vision of the  Leadership team.

How has your career progressed at SkyKick?

SkyKick is growing rapidly, and to do that effectively, they realize that it’s vital to provide as many career development opportunities as possible. I was hired on as a consultant, but I loved the company so much that I ended up taking a full-time role. One of the most compelling things that I can offer my employee’s, is the rich bed of opportunity for career growth and mentoring at SkyKick. I can also easily visualize my own career roadmap here at SkyKick.

What are your passions at work?

I love finding multi-faceted solutions that make multiple parts of the business or people happy at the same time, whether it is designing software solutions, creating process changes, implementing tools, or helping coach employees.

How do you balance your passion with work?

This is one of my favorite things about SkyKick. There are times that I need to work later into the evenings and answer emails on the weekends, but I am also able to fit in my horse shows, riding lessons, and childcare around deliverables at work. This flexible attitude continues to inspire loyalty and a deep appreciation of our culture.

What more can you tell us about yourself?

Superpower Choice: The ability to recall conversations of the past verbatim. ”….not sure how valuable of a skill that would turn out to be in a battle!

Proudest Accomplishment: Becoming a mother and figuring out how to keep a human <successfully> alive.

Favorite Pastime: I grew up on a 22 acre horse farm, and horses continue to be a great delight of mine.  I currently own a Paint horse that I show at a pretty competitive level.

I also love hiking, camping, fishing, spending time with my son, and reading.

Surprising Fact: I am also a licensed Massage Practitioner.




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