Protect Your Data: The Importance of Backup After Exchange 2019 Migration

You just moved your customer to Microsoft 365 – now what?

As businesses increasingly prioritize seamless communication and robust data management, migrating from Exchange 2019 to a more future-proof cloud-based solution becomes essential. While Exchange 2019 offers improved capabilities compared to its predecessors, it is now surpassed by the innovation and security provided by cloud solutions like Microsoft 365. Migrating from Exchange 2019 allows companies to leverage a more scalable, compliant, and secure platform. However, ensuring a reliable backup after migration is crucial to protect against data loss and maintain business continuity.

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In Microsoft 365 your customers will create more data

Post-migration it is important to consider the patterns in data growth for your new Microsoft 365 customer.  In the past few years, we have seen an exponential surge in data driven by the transition from physical hardware with finite storage capacities (like Exchange 2019) to the elastic storage capabilities provided by the cloud. As companies grow and adopt more digital tools, the volume of generated data increases, making data sprawl a key hidden challenge. Data sprawl is the uncontrolled surge of data across a business’s systems, platforms, and storage. This trend has an impact across every stage of the corporate data lifecycle.

With more data comes more responsibility

The Corporate Data Lifecycle

Data proliferation is evident throughout the corporate data lifecycle. As shown in the diagram, customers generate and utilize user and collaboration data at every stage of their cloud journey, from onboarding to offboarding. However, this lifecycle has many data risks, including policy gaps, ransomware, and human error. Although there is a shared responsibility between you and the customer to protect their data, the critical importance of corporate data underscores the need for a scalable data protection solution.  

Ensure your customer’s M365 data is protected with comprehensive backup

For customers leveraging Microsoft 365, the best experience comes with a comprehensive backup solution already in place. While Microsoft 365 offers some level of data protection, it does not provide complete backup and recovery capabilities. Businesses need to ensure they have an additional layer of protection to manage data loss scenarios that are not covered by Microsoft’s native features. By integrating a dedicated backup solution, companies can enhance their Microsoft 365 environment, ensuring that all data – from emails to files stored across OneDrive, SharePoint & Teams – is backed up and can be restored swiftly in case of loss.

Use SkyKick Standard Bundle to combine free migration and 12 months of backup

Migrating to Microsoft 365 can feel like a daunting task, laden with time constraints, risks, and complexities. With SkyKick, partners can leverage migration automation from pre-sales to project completion, making the transition smoother and stress-free. SkyKick also offers comprehensive data protection across Microsoft 365 – ensuring your customers’ data is protected and easily recoverable.

To assist Partners in staying ahead, SkyKick offers free Email Migration and 12 months of Backup for Microsoft 365 with the SkyKick Standard Bundle. This bundled approach facilitates a smooth and efficient transition that minimizes downtime and ensures continuous data security through automated backups. By embracing our bundled solution, you can deliver a seamless and safe experience from Exchange 2019 to Microsoft 365.

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