New in the Help Center – March 2016

In addition to many article updates and improvements, the articles and resources below are brand new to the Help Center.


  • Outlook Assistant End User Experience: Helps you understand and explain to customers what their end-users will experience during the migration process.
  • Staged Migrations: Describes the unique aspects and complexities of Staged Migrations to help you determine when to use and how to manage them, including how they impact shared resources between stages.
  • How to Test SkyKick Technology: Demonstrates how you can test SkyKick Migration Technology for free. Simply go through the Migration Planner, place an order, and review the integrity of the data in advance of the Migration Date. Because you won’t be charged until the Migration Date you choose, if you cancel the order before that date, you won’t be charged.

Cloud Backup

In response to our partners, we have created several marketing PDFs and a brief video to help you understand and communicate to your customers the value of Cloud Backup.

The new Marketing Materials include:

  • Cloud Backup Intro Video
  • Cloud Backup Product Overview for Partners (PDF)
  • Cloud Backup Marketing for Customers (PDFs)

Keep coming back for more info. And feel free to reach out if you have any comments or suggestions – I’d love to hear them. Drop me a note.

Greg Bobgan
SkyKick Sr. Technical Writer

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