Product Update – Migrations Now Processed in Local Data Centers

To provide a better Office 365 migration experience for partners and their customers around the world, we recently released the ability to process data migrations in local data centers.

This feature may be especially valuable for customers that are sensitive to the prospect of any of their Mailbox data passing though US borders.

Migration projects now automatically process Mailbox data – email, calendars, attachments, inbox rules – at the nearest regional Microsoft Azure data center. The data center is automatically selected based on the country in which the Office 365 tenant is specified for. SkyKick is currently utilizing the below Data Centers:

US West

Canada Central  (updated 16 August, 2016)

Brazil South

North Europe

West Europe

Japan East

South East Asia

Australia Southeast  (updated 16 August, 2016)

More about Microsoft Data Center locations

Security and privacy are mission critical for SkyKick. As a reminder, SkyKick Migration projects never persist email data to permanent storage. In other words, once the migration starts, the data is streamed directly to the Office 365 end point until cutover. Nothing is stored locally at SkyKick. That’s a big advantage for Partners (and your customers) with sensitive data.

SkyKick also uses AES-256 bit symmetric key encryption. And the per-datum symmetric AES keys are themselves encrypted using a variable set of RSA 2048 bit public keys.

We continue to evolve and expand for Partners everywhere. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates to our international team and features for Partners around the globe.


Brad Younge, CTO, on behalf of Team SkyKick

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