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Here at SkyKick we strive to provide relevant and helpful content that empowers IT solution providers to build  more successful cloud businesses. Not only do we offer extensive technical content in our Help Center, we now host more live webinars on topics requested by you, our partners. Many of these live webinars include SkyKick Partners who share their insights and success in growing their cloud business with SkyKick.

To help more partners access this content, we have created a SkyKick On-Demand Webinar Library, where all of our partners can learn on their own time and at their own pace, and can revisit concepts that can help them accelerate their cloud business more quickly with SkyKick.

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The webinars listed below are just some of our top-viewed videos. They provide a great technical introduction to and more in-depth information on the SkyKick platform, and will help you become more profitable and successful in the cloud.

Tips to Building a Successful Office 365 MSP Practice from a 2017 Microsoft Partner of the Year – On Par Technologies

As we discovered in our State of the Office 365 Cloud study, over 90% of businesses have NOT moved to Office 365 yet. Opportunity is everywhere! 2017 East Region SMB Partner of the year, OnPar Technologies presents their top 5 best practices for scaling a migration business.


Business Decision Makers and Sales Team Members.

Key topics covered:

  • How OnPar Technologies built a robust business by streamlining their offerings and processes
  • Increase your long-term stability and build re-occurring revenue
  • On Par Technologies 5 key elements to success

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Planning an Office 365 Migration

Create a successful and profitable Office 365 migration project, starting with a comprehensive migration plan and related SOW. This webinar describes the variables to consider and the questions to ask each customer to more accurately plan, price, and configure a successful Office 365 email migration project.


This webinar is most useful for those responsible for the planning and/or pricing of Office 365 migration projects.

Key topics covered:

  • Scale your migration business through improved project planning
  • Partner roles and responsibilities in a SkyKick Office 365 migration
  • Factors that can impact the amount and level of Partner effort
  • SkyKick resources for accurately scoping an Office 365 migration project
  • What to include in a Statement of Work

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Getting Started with the SkyKick Migration Planner

This walkthrough of the Office 365 Migration Planner highlights various features partners can use to easily customize and comprehensively plan each migration project. It also includes a walkthrough of the improved Review Accounts page which simplifies and streamlines various migration configurations.


This webinar is most useful for engineers or migration project managers who want to learn more about planning and customizing Office 365 migration projects using the Migration Planner.

Key topics covered:

  • Save time with streamlined and bulk email configuration options
  • Control where and how mailbox data is migrated
  • Uncover comprehensive source mail server and customer mailbox information at the start of a project with a single set of credentials
  • Ensure a seamless move for end users through desktop readiness and automated Outlook profile creation

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How Office 365 Cloud Backup works and what we back up

This in-depth webinar digs into the features, processes, and capabilities of Office 365 Cloud Backup, including discovery, backups, search, and restore.


This webinar is most useful for anyone who wants a more detailed view of how Cloud Backup works, including technical decision-makers, account executives, and support staff.

Key topics covered:

  • Cloud Backup setup and configuration options, including choice of data center for storage
  • Cloud Backup discovery ensures no data is left unprotected, at setup and beyond
  • How data is backed up, from the initial backup to daily snapshots
  • Using the NEW advanced search & restore capabilities to get lost data back more quickly
  • The ability to grant full or search and restore only access to customers

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Interested in learning more about SkyKick? Visit our On-Demand Webinar Library page here. As always, our support team is available for free, unlimited phone and email support 24/5 to help you through your next Migration or Cloud Backup project.

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