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One of the most frequent questions our partners ask us is if SkyKick migration technology can perform Office 365 to Office 365 (O to O) migrations. The answer to that question is yes, we absolutely can.

In fact, our partners have been leveraging SkyKick migration technology to perform O to O email migrations for years. Our partners have moved tens of thousands of seats between Office 365 tenants using SkyKick’s simple, fast, and reliable technology. This experience has made SkyKick automation and technology a proven leader in mail migration and domain relocation.

Office 365 to Office 365 opportunities and challenges

As the Office 365 ecosphere grows, and cloud-based companies in Office 365 experience mergers, splits, or rebranding, or simply outgrow the functionality of their current tenant, more and more O to O migration opportunities are presenting themselves.

To take advantage of these opportunities, one must address the main challenge of an O to O email migration, which involves relocating the vanity domain. Because Office 365 does not currently allow an already verified vanity domain to be verified in more than one Office 365 tenant at any given time, the vanity domain must be removed from the current source tenant before it can be verified within the new destination tenant.

This results in a temporary interruption of mail flow for any user utilizing the vanity domain when the vanity domain is removed from the source tenant. Mail flow is restored once the vanity domain is verified in the new destination tenant. SkyKick technology is designed to deliver the most efficient domain transition, minimizing the impact on your customer.

How SkyKick helps

While there are challenges and intricacies that set Office 365 to Office 365 migrations apart, SkyKick migration technology and support mitigate these and streamline the transition process.

O to O expertise reduces risk and minimizes mail flow interruption

SkyKick’s years of experience performing O to O migrations has allowed us to develop O to O technology and support that reduce risk and mailflow interruption by efficiently addressing and configuring variables within the source and destination tenants for a smooth transition.

Automated domain removal and verification reduces manual effort

SkyKick migration technology is specifically designed to automate the process of removing the vanity domain from the source tenant and then verifying the vanity domain in the new destination tenant. This eliminates the need for you to invest time and effort to manually attempt domain removal and placement.

Specialized O to O support process reduces risk and streamlines cutover

The SkyKick Support Team has developed a support process specifically designed to address the unique variables of an O to O migration. This process ensures that the domain removal and verification goes as smoothly as possible, reducing the impact of this migration type on your customer. For O to O projects, the SkyKick Suppot Team:

  • Helps ensure the source and destination tenants are properly configured for the migration before cutover
  • Identifies and helps address potential issues that could impede the domain removal process
  • Closely monitors the domain removal and verification processes to ensure minimal impact on your customer
  • Proactively contacts partners with status updates around the cutover time

Pre-Migration Checklist helps more accurately plan, scope, and price migration projects

SkyKick offers a Pre-Migration Checklist for O to O migrations within Planning and Managing an Office 365 to Office 365 Migration. The checklist:

  • Provides a clear understanding of the requirements that need to be accounted for before placing an O to O migration project order.
  • Helps identify details, such as source dependencies, which may inhibit the release of the vanity domain, and configurations within the destination tenant that may complicate placement of the vanity domain.
  • Improves overall planning and scoping of each O to O migration opportunity.
  • Sets appropriate expectations for your customer up front.
  • Helps you create a Statement of Work (SOW) that encompasses all requirements of the migration process.

How to get started with Office365 to Office 365 migrations

  1. Register as a SkyKick Partner: If you are not currently a SkyKick Partner, sign up. It’s free and requires no obligation. Once done, you will have access to our Help Center which contains all our technical documentation.
  2. Call us before you place your order. One of the great benefits of SkyKick is our world-class Support Team that is available 24/5 to assist with any questions you may have. We would love to discuss your O to O migration opportunity and steer you through the O to O documentation and processes to ensure you are as prepared as possible to tackle any O to O migration opportunities that your customers present.
  3. Explore our Help Center. In addition to Planning and Managing an Office 365 to Office 365 Migration, the Help Center includes over 100 articles covering a wide range of migration topics, scenarios, troubleshooting, and more.
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