Dutch IT Channel Interview: What We Have Seen in 2024 and What to Expect

AI is reshaping the SMB sector

Welcome to our recap of SkyKick’s recent interview with Martijn Kregting of the Dutch IT Channel. In this insightful discussion, Varshaa Pallaath, Director of Product Marketing at SkyKick, shared valuable insights into SkyKick’s plans for 2024 and the evolving trends in the cloud market. From new developments in Microsoft 365 to innovative security and AI readiness solutions, Varshaa discussed how SkyKick is equipping Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to navigate these changes effectively. Follow along as we recap the key highlights from the interview, offering a detailed look at how MSPs can leverage these trends to drive success and growth in the coming year.

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SkyKick’s plan for 2024

Martijn: Can you tell me about what SkyKick has seen in 2024 and your new plans for Partners going forward?

Varshaa: In 2024 Partners have had to navigate new changes in licensing, advanced capabilities in Microsoft 365, and ensure compliance with upcoming regulations like NIS2. These are challenges we want to help Partners address across our solutions.

First, Microsoft Teams is now sold separately from Microsoft 365 Enterprise SKUS. This change means that Partners must adapt their sales and pricing strategies to accommodate this new model. Additionally, the New Commerce Experience (NCE) is expanding to the public sector, which adds another layer of consideration when speaking to these customers. In terms of Microsoft 365, there are new integrations, such as Microsoft Planner being embedded into Teams, and Copilot’s availability has been extended to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). These advancements offer new ways for Partners to enhance productivity and collaboration for their customers, driving more value in their service offerings. Lastly, as the deadline for NIS2 implementation approaches, Partners also play an important role in helping their customers understand the impact of this cybersecurity legislation.

Launch of Security Navigator

Martijn: You’ve recently launched a new offering. Can you tell me more about that?

Varshaa: Yes, we are excited about launching Security Navigator, a capability designed to elevate how MSPs can accelerate sales and delivery of Microsoft 365 security services. Security Navigator provides detailed insights into customer security needs, enabling our Partners to engage in more meaningful, data-driven discussions. It offers advanced planning capabilities by giving a clear security overview of all customers using Microsoft 365. Additionally, it provides customizable reports that they can use to illustrate security risks and needs during customer conversations. This capability works alongside our existing Security Manager, which automates security implementation, making it easier to not only discuss security but also to deliver it effectively. Furthermore, when you add Microsoft 365 data protection to it, Partners not only have the capability to protect the data but also to secure their customers.

Addressing NIS2 & AI readiness

Martijn: Looking ahead to the end of 2024, how can you help Partners assist their customers?

Varshaa: We are focusing on making NIS2 compliance and cybersecurity more straightforward for our Partners. Our solutions are designed to simplify these complex areas, making them easier to understand and act upon. We are also continuing to enhance SkyKick Cloud Backup to meet new data recovery requirements, which helps Partners stay compliant with evolving standards.

Additionally, as AI technologies like Copilot become more integrated into business processes, we are providing resources to help Partners prepare. Preparing for AI goes beyond adopting new tools; it starts with a strong foundation in data management and security. We emphasize the importance of securing your data and applying the right policies. This groundwork ensures AI tools like Copilot can deliver accurate and useful insights. We support our Partners by offering technology and training that builds their knowledge and skills in these areas. This helps Partners feel prepared to integrate AI solutions into their services and deliver significant value to their customers, enhancing their overall competitiveness in the channel.

In all, our mission at SkyKick is to help partners be more successful in the cloud. Our partner-centric approach ensures that they are equipped with the latest tools and insights to succeed in a rapidly changing market. By simplifying complex technologies and offering dedicated support, we aim to help them not only meet current demands but also seize future opportunities for growth and innovation.

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