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Our commitment to partner success

SkyKick’s 100% partner-only business model means our success is entirely dependent on the success of our partners. This is why we continue to develop ways to promote and empower our partners. For Cloud Backup, this includes delivering the most comprehensive data protection across Office 365 (recently demonstrated in our coverage of Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams) and developing features like integration with ConnectWise Manage and other recent product improvements that improve partner experience and profitability.

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Strengthening your customer relationship as their trusted advisor

Another way we strive to empower partner success is by developing ways for partners to promote and strengthen their customer relationships. This began by never competing with our partners and providing white label customer communications and marketing materials. It continued with the release of syndicated apps which allow partners, with allowed partners to easily embed widgets on their website that streamlined the sales process and allowed customers to initiate migration projects and Cloud Backup subscriptions.

The most recent example of our commitment to promote our partners is the option for partners to leverage our Syndication approach to streamline customer self-service and management of Cloud Backup subscriptions.

A dilemma of self-service

As savvy partners realize, success in building a profitable recurring revenue cloud practice is dependent on delivering operationally efficient services, while maintaining strong customer relationships. One way to reduce operational costs is to strategically leverage customer self-service. However, because this can create a distance between the partner and customer and reduce the perceived value of the partner, it can weaken the customer relationship. This is especially true if the customer experience and user interface for self-service seems disconnected from the Partner’s brand and usual toolset.

The partner-branded Cloud Backup self-service portal solves the dilemma

The partner-branded Cloud Backup self-service portal option provides partners with the best of both worlds. By simply completing a form on the SkyKick Partner Portal, partners can now easily promote their presence and brand, while reducing operational costs, resulting in greater customer retention and increased profitability.

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“We welcome SkyKick’s approach to syndication. It will help partners simplify their operational burden while still creating a deeper brand connection with their customers 

–     Vegard Aspnes, SaaS Product Manager, Dustin Group


Easy to implement

Custom-branding the Cloud Backup customer self-service portal requires no code, and takes just a few simple steps. Once complete, the UI for every customer who has been granted self-service access to their Cloud Backup subscription will feature the partner’s brand, including custom:

  • Custom Header and Logo
  • Partner company name in the web page
  • URL customization
  • Favicon
  • URL or domain
  • Support details

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Syndication Setup

  • In the SkyKick Partner Portal, select Syndication in the left navigation pane, and select the Backup Self-Service tab. Select the desired URL, e.g
  • OPTIONAL – You can instead create a custom URL (e.g. by selecting Domain, and completing the Upload SSL Certificateand Passphrase fields
  • Select a Company Logo, enter your Company Name,and complete any of the remaining optional support-related fields as desired.

Now your customers are ready to experience modern syndicated self-service, and see it as a natural extension of your ongoing trusted advisor relationship.

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For more detailed information, see Cloud Backup Self-Service Search & Restore Syndication. To learn more about leveraging SkyKick Cloud Backup in your practice, please reach out to your account manager or support team (