Cloud Backup Enhancements

Cloud Backup enhancements for Microsoft Teams

Enhanced capabilities to secure hybrid environments and mitigate ransomware risks

Since the onset of the pandemic, Microsoft Teams daily active user have increased almost 5X from 32 to 145 million, with no signs of abating.  Staying connected and organized in secure hybrid environments has never been more important. Hybrid work models are here to stay. Which is why, we’re excited to share the latest enhancements for SkyKick Cloud Backup, delivering capabilities that increase customer value and protection for today’s modern work scenarios. More specifically, the latest SkyKick Cloud Backup enhancements secure hybrid environments and mitigate ransomware risks.

The IT industry was caught off guard by the rapid shift and need for digital transformation. Microsoft reports that 66% of MSPs have experienced an increase in remote work service workloads, with Teams and security services comprising more than 85% of the revenue mix.

It should come as no surprise then that this seismic shift to cloud attracted a great deal of bad actors, all looking to exploit the situation. As the pandemic dragged on, ransomware attacks increased by some 72% over the first half of 2020. The average ransomware payout was reported to be $233,000 per event in Q4, 2020.

Instilling customer confidence has never been more important. Round-the-clock protection from cyber and ransomware attacks is top of mind for customers, especially amidst a growing world of cyber threats. Specific point-in-time restorations that can be completed in a matter of minutes are crucial to safeguard against productivity and economic loss – and instill such confidence.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide SkyKick’s partner ecosystem with best-in-class data protection services, we are expanding our backup and restore coverage for Microsoft Teams application through the rest of the year. The roadmap below shows our estimated timeline to deliver further SkyKick Cloud Backup enhancements for Microsoft Teams.

Planned SkyKick Cloud Backup Microsoft Teams Enhancements

Milestone 1:

Teams: Members collaborate sharing files, posts, meetings etc.
B “Standard” Channel(s): Members collaborate files and posts
C Files: Location for the Team collaboration documents

Upcoming Milestones 2-4

Private Channel(s): Where a subset of team members can privately meet to collaborate; includes files and posts
Posts: Messages between team members for both standard and shared channels
Chats: Messages between individuals, meetings, files; collaboration outside the team

July 12: Initial Release

We’ve delivered on our first milestone, with Cloud Backup now supporting Microsoft Teams standard channels and files, complete with a new user experience that easily helps differentiate Groups and Teams and offers simple search and restore.

CB Microsoft Teams

For more information, see Backup and restore of Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams (registered partners only)

What’s Next?

Q4 2021: Private Channels and Teams Posts

Cloud Backup will extend support to include Microsoft Teams private channels and files, and will distinguish between standard and private channels within the UI in order to streamline the user experience.

Cloud Backup will support the backup and restore of standard and private channel posts. These are conversations and where collaboration takes place within Teams. Posts can be found on the “Posts” tab under each channel.

Early 2022: Chats

Cloud Backup will support the backup and restore of chat. These are conversations and collaboration activities that take place outside of a team. They are found via the “Chat” icon on the sidebar.

Additionally, we are bringing to market capabilities that will help increase customer visibility, drive partner efficiencies, and increase revenues by making it easier to upsell and renew Cloud Backup usage.  Stay tuned for more details as we continue to deliver innovation to drive business model evolution and address heightened security imperatives.


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