4 Takeaways from the 2022 MSP Growth Hacks Webinar Series with Erick Simpson

Where Tech and Strategy Meet

SkyKick and MSP, Cloud and Cybersecurity expert, Erick Simpson partnered together to present a brand-new 4-Part Webinar and Workshop series. With Erick’s prominent background in IT Business Transformation & Channel Growth, he revealed how MSPs can perfect and deliver new technology business, sales and service delivery strategy to align with what business owners need and are buying in 2022.

We recognized that over the last couple of years, you and your clients’ business needs have changed significantly and so has the industry at large. Coming out of the pandemic, Cybersecurity and the increased appetite for Cloud are both an opportunity and a threat for MSPs. To get ahead and win in 2022, your strategy should now include playing defense and offense on these big trends.

During this series, over 200 Partners joined us while Erick Simpson and several leading MSPs from around the globe demonstrated how other MSPs can:

  • Balance the business, sales, and technical aspects of leveraging cybersecurity and the cloud to accelerate the sales opportunity
  • Improve technical service delivery activities
  • Use automation to maximize profit margins

Among the key learnings shared during the webinar series were 4 key takeaways:

5 Cloud Backup strategies that increase MSP service efficiencies and profits while reducing risk, plus how high-performing MSPs are gearing up to sell, deliver and manage:

  1. Identifying and adjusting to the needs of today’s business decision makers
  2. Maximizing and maintaining profit margins
  3. Doing more with less – increasing service efficiency
  4. Overcoming Technology Challenges
  5. Battling staff and customer churn and struggling to hire new talent

2 panel discussions with high-performing MSPs, who shared insights and experience on executing best practices for growth, including:

  • 3 ways today’s post-pandemic buyer behavior has changed, and how to adapt your 2022 growth strategy to benefit and the technical, security, and backup strategies that increase efficiencies and profits while reducing risk:
    1. Choosing the right vendors and solutions that reduce complexity for me & today’s buyers
    2. Optimizing platforms and systems to maximize automation, improve reporting and streamline billing
    3. Changing client perception from a reactive tactical resource to a valued strategic advisor that can influence clients to adopt recommended solutions
  • Best in class service desk performance metrics and 3 areas to focus on when improving T1 service desk efficiency:
    1. Securely integrated platforms
    2. Document and automate processes
    3. Capacity plan properly

“Security is high on the pedestal with increase in SaaS and the consolidation of technology solutions. With the right tools, it’s easy to adopt the right solution and compliance. You’re now having meetings with key decision makers and they’re actually listening.” – Gareth McQuaid, Panelist, CTO, Hosted Business

Increase your service desk efficiency by 50% through optimization, automation and integration

A hands-on workshop where Erick walked through 3 scenarios:

  1. Bundling and pricing your cloud, cybersecurity, and remote support services to accelerate sales velocity and maximize profit
  2. Having “the cybersecurity sales conversation”properly and converting your MSP clients into cybersecurity clients
  3. Role-playing the qualifying and sales closing processes to win the business!

You can watch the full series on-demand