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Quickly recover Office 365 SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data

SkyKick Cloud Backup for SharePoint and One Drive for Business is a cloud-to-cloud service that offers unlimited backups, lightning-fast search and one-click restore of your customer’s Office 365 files in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. With 32% of companies reporting data loss in the cloud, a backup solution can be critical for IT solution providers to offer as a complement to Office 365. SkyKick Cloud Backup provides IT partners with comprehensive data protection and fast data recovery, to get customers back up and running quickly.

Causes of data loss in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

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SharePoint and OneDrive for Business have no archiving or expanded data protection features to recover lost data. The loss of important files can be costly, between the value of lost data, technical effort to recover files, and lost productivity. With SkyKick Cloud Backup, lost data can be quickly found and restored right back where it was with no overwrites. That means peace of mind for you and minimal interruption to your customers’ business when data is lost.

Office 365 E1 + SkyKick Cloud Backup
Office 365
Cloud Backup
Office 365 + SkyKick
Data Protection & Data Recovery Features
Cloud Backup
Exchange and SharePoint & OneDrive for Business      
Easy to set up and use  
Fast search  
Advanced Search options  
One-click restore  
Provide own Azure  
Select from Azure Data Centers across globe  
Free dedicated support  
Deleted item retention 14 days Unlimited Unlimited
Storage capacity 50 GB per Mailbox Unlimited Backup 50 GB per Mailbox & Unlimited Backup
Can be configured to address compliance and litigation requirements Included w E3+ License only    
Allows for discovery and cross-mailbox search Included w E3+ License only    
Data recovered as it was where it was  
Autodiscovery and backup of all mailboxes and Public Folders  
Restore Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Journals, and entire mailbox  
Point-in-time restore  
Deleted item retention 186 Day Unlimited Unlimited
SharePoint storage capacity baseline 1 TB Unlimited Backup 1 TB + Unlimited Backup
SharePoint storage capacity per user 500MB Unlimited Backup 500MB + Unlimited Backup
Protection from immediate permanent deletion of SharePoint site content by Site Admin  
Enables simplified viewing of multiple versions of same file  
Autodiscovery of SharePoint sites  
Backup and restore SharePoint files  
Backup and restore SharePoint lists  
Backup and restore of classic SharePoint sites  
Point-in-time restore   Coming Soon Coming in 2018
Backup and restore of Modern sites   Coming Soon Coming in 2018
OneDrive for Business      
Deleted item retention 186 Day Unlimited Unlimited
OneDrive for Business storage capacity 1 TB per user Unlimited Backup 1 TB per user + Unlimited
Protection from immediate permanent deletion of OneDrive for Business content by end user  
Autodiscovery of OneDrive for Business accounts  
Bulk restore OneDrive for Business folders and full account  
Point-in-time restore  
Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams      
Deleted item retention 30 days Unlimited Unlimited
Mailbox Storage Capacity (Conversations & Calendar) 50 GB Unlimited Backup 50 GB + Unlimited Backup
Data Storage Capacity (Files & Notebook) 1 TB Unlimited Backup 1 TB + Unlimited Backup
Backup and restore Conversations  
Backup and restore Calendar  
Backup and restore Files  
Backup and restore OneNote notebook  
Backup and restore Team Wiki   Coming in 2018 Coming in 2018
1. The default 14-day retention can be extended to 30 days

Why SkyKick Cloud Backup

Unlimited backup

Yup, unlimited. Backup your customer’s Exchange, SharePoint, or OneDrive for Business data up to 6x daily. All for one simple per user / mo price, with no data limits.


No data caps

SkyKick Cloud Backup has no data caps or costly overage charges, unlike other solutions available. For one simple price, we offer unlimited data storage for your customers giving them and you peace of mind.

Unlimited retention

There is no catch! SkyKick Cloud Backup offers unlimited retention for all files and emails. Data is retained for any legal or compliance requirements and organizational knowledge is not lost even when an employee leaves the organization.

Reliable and secure

SkyKick Cloud Backup uses industry leading 256-bit encryption at rest and 128-bit in transit. Your data never leaves the Azure environment, which ensures all the inherent security and compliance capabilities that Azure offers.

6-backups a day

SkyKick Cloud Backup takes snapshots at regular intervals throughout the day. This ensures that your end customers can go about accessing Office 365 without any fear of disruption due to data loss.

Easy Setup

Nothing to install. Auto-discovery of mailboxes, SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business accounts makes setup and subscribing a snap.


Nothing to install

Traditional backup solutions require installation of software at the end user level and sometimes also require installation and maintenance of expensive hardware equipment. SkyKick’s Cloud Backup uses revolutionary cloud to cloud backup technology that does not require end user action or expensive equipment to be installed.

Backup in minutes

With no complex configuration required, SkyKick brings to you a simple user interface that does the heavy lifting for you and allows you to setup and get going in minutes.

Set and forget

The auto-discovery feature adds new users and any new changes to your customer’s tenant in real-time to the backup services, giving your customer peace of mind from day 1 and saving you the hassle of manually making configuration changes.

Control where you store data

Customers and partners want more control over where and how their data is stored. SkyKick Cloud Backup allows you to bring in your own Azure and enables you to address data sovereignty issues.

One-click restore

Lightning-fast search and one-click restore. Permissions respected, and no file overwrites.


Lightning fast search

SkyKick Cloud Backup’s powerful search technology indexes and displays all documents in seconds giving you consumer-search-like performance in an enterprise environment.

Quick restore

SkyKick Cloud Backup restores your data in seconds! The intuitive interface enables quick discovery and allows you to spend minimal time restoring files.

Time machine

Do you sometimes wish you could time travel to reverse an action that deleted your data? Turn the clock back to get a snapshot and restore the data. All of the file permissions and attributes will also be restored along with the data.

No overwrites

With SkyKick Cloud Backup you will never have to worry about file overwrites. SkyKick Cloud Backup ensures that the source file and versions do not already exist before it is restored. This ensures that any existing user data is not accidentally corrupted.

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